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Audrey and Samuel couple boudoir session

Publié le 8 February 2019

There it is! Here is a boudoir couple session among the most beautiful I had the chance to capture. Beautiful because they are crazy in love, are not shy (they don’t look thought, but I heard they were a little) and that we can really see it. It feels so good to show beautiful images like these. And also, because I finally have the right to show my beautiful images! (Indeed, my clients are never obliged to show the result of their boudoir photography session, it can remain private according to their desire). It’s been several times that I photograph the beautiful Audrey and each time the result is beautiful. I’m really happy to have been able to capture the love between her lover Samuel and herself. I wish you a long and happy love life! xxx

A Little Behind the Scene of Boudoir Photography

It was a great boudoir couple session, even if the images can sometimes look more “hot” than reality. Do not always rely on the result that seems so “hot and intense” because it is only a fraction of a second captured. We do not hear what I say in the back, that can sometimes be super funny. Therefore, this type of session always happens in respect (and my respect also in the first place ahah) 😉 And I am also here to create a relaxing atmosphere and help you look as natural as possible, without posing.

PS: If you like this decor, well, this is my studio! Yes, I have a natural light studio that is perfect for taking your boudoir or family photos, portrait and others. It is really versatile. So, do not worry if you find that your room does not seem appropriate. Come to my place 😉

Makeup by my faithful accomplice Sylvie of the Center d’esthétique Sylvie Samson – Located in the Centre Gardénia at the corner of the 127th and 10th in Saint-Georges.


Audrey Testimony

Thanks to this top photographer, this wonderful experience made me feel beautiful and sexy. Ariane is simply the best! We had really fun and the result is just perfect! Thanks x1000 for everything! 💛

So here are the beautiful, Audrey + Samuel.




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