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Engagement Session in the Mountains – Isabelle + Keven

Pubblished 14 January 2020

Engagement session in the mountains I discovered the Malbaie region and its wonderful mountains when I returned from the Canadian Rockies. I couldn’t believe we had such breathtaking landscapes in Quebec. It seems to me that we don’t talk about it enough! In particular, the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park and the Acropolis of Draveurs. If you do not know this jewel of Quebec, I strongly invite you to do your research. And who knows, maybe plan your next vacation there 😉 It’s the perfect place for mountain lovers like me. And the perfect place to do an engagement adventure session. This type of photography is usually done to announce your engagement in a marriage. It is an ideal moment to take a first step in front of the camera, to see how the couple interacts in front of the camera; to practice, if you want. 😉 It helps to break the ice before the wedding day which can sometimes be very emotional. Read more

Gabrielle and David

Pubblished 7 October 2019

lifestyle couple photoshootThe story behind Gabrielle and David’s couple photography session is that we are neighbours, but we did not know before the session. Well yes! I had offered to Gabrielle to take the photos in a field not far from where I live, in the beautiful sector of Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande near Saint-Georges (in Beauce, for outsiders). I thought it would be beautiful at the end of the day with their dogs. So, I go there by foot, with my child’s wagon to drag my heavy photo bag (it must be said that with the baby belly, I no longer drag my bags directly. I make sure they roll haha). Well, it turns out that they moved a few weeks ago three houses from mine. I thought I could get them out of Saint-Georges 😉 When you say the world is small!

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Lifestyle couple session

Pubblished 8 September 2019

Séance de photographie lifestyle de coupleThis maternity session was just perfect! Anne-Catherine and Jason wanted a session in their image to immortalize this important moment for the couple and it is mission accomplished. It was such a natural and relaxing moment that is simply my favorite. Really the kind of lifestyle photography session that makes me fall; all natural, very loving and emotional, almost organic even. 😉

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Tobias’s first anniversary

Pubblished 8 July 2019

Séance bébé un an

It’s a smash the cake styled session to celebrate baby Tobias’s first birthday (yes it’s been a long time, he’s already 18 months old). We did it in a more modern decor, a little Boho (bohemian) with the stylist of the Bébé bohème (Natacha).  We changed the cake to cupcakes, why not? It makes a little less mess, right? 😉 There is always the possibility to concoct a baby’s birthday with a little punch.

Tobias was still shy, it tooks a while to start eating sweets, poor sweetheart. Besides, it always seems that when we go to see a photographer, our baby doesn’t act like usual. Well, it was the same with me (except that his mom is a photographer). Wow, baby’s life is not easy. Try to find the smiles on the pictures… We have half one on a picture. 😉 It’s usually such a smiling baby. So I understand the parents who are telling me this now!

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A minimalist wedding

Pubblished 3 June 2019

Wedding Sophie & Carl A small creative wedding with the most beautiful people, like we sometimes need have a little fun! Also supported by the best team ever! I know you do not want to see snow anymore (I know, I know!), But here are some beautiful wedding photographs taken at the end of this winter. I hope you will like the touch of green and black. Personally, I fall for the black utensils, gorgeous! After this post I will not show you more winter pictures for a long time, I promise!

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A newborn lifestyle session with little Morgane

Pubblished 16 May 2019

Newborn lifestyle session I had the chance to do a lifestyle photography session with my friend Joëlle and her wonderful family. She is who is also a photographer in the Montreal area. Little Morgane was then only three weeks old, and (spoiler alert) she’s way too cute. 😀 Of course we chatted a little about photography during the session, but we mostly exchanged between moms (and dad) ;). It feels good and it’s so relaxing! Read more

When I became a mom

Pubblished 26 February 2019

maternity First, let me tell you that this blog is very different from the others I usually post. It talks about me, about him, about us. I hesitated a lot before publishing it. It is quite personal. Not because I like to show pictures of me and my family. No, it’s actually the opposite. I am not the one who shares photographs about my private life. No, it’s rather because what I discovered in the last year and that I had to share; motherhood. I found it so beautiful that I wanted to show you. Read more

Audrey and Samuel couple boudoir session

Pubblished 8 February 2019

There it is! Here is a boudoir couple session among the most beautiful I had the chance to capture. Beautiful because they are crazy in love, are not shy (they don’t look thought, but I heard they were a little) and that we can really see it. It feels so good to show beautiful images like these. And also, because I finally have the right to show my beautiful images! (Indeed, my clients are never obliged to show the result of their boudoir photography session, it can remain private according to their desire). It’s been several times that I photograph the beautiful Audrey and each time the result is beautiful. I’m really happy to have been able to capture the love between her lover Samuel and herself. I wish you a long and happy love life! xxx

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Nathanael and Francis wedding

Pubblished 24 January 2019

Voila! I’m finally back from maternity leave! Wow, things that have happened in the last year. And I’m really in need to catch up. As it is winter, I taught it would be a great idea to show you a superb winter wedding that took place in Beauce, to be more precise, at the Cabane à Pierre, last March. And yes, lovers Nathanael and Francis will soon celebrate their first wedding anniversary! What a good idea then to blog their beautiful wedding photographs.

I hope that the images of their intimate marriage of these two young lovebirds will make you dream, because it was a marriage filled with emotions.

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Marie-Pier + Jimmy intimate wedding

Pubblished 14 December 2017

Mariage intime de Marie-Pier et Jimmy à St-Georges de BeauceI will not hide at all that this wedding is quite the kind I love. They both love nature, photography and simplicity (hey hey, I know someone else here that loves that too) 😉  They were looking for a moody look and that is what Mother Nature has given us. Indeed, the weather was not really on our side, but this doesn’t matter! Rainy wedding = happy wedding, right? Plus, for my part, I love the look it gives on my photographs! 

Marie-Pier ans Jimmy tied the knot on this Sunday of Septembre with their close family members. A gorgeous wedding at home, in St-Geroges de Beauce (an hour from Quebec City), in complete privacy. You will see genuine emotions, authentic moments and also a bit of goose bumps (yes, it was a little bit cols, but we survived). 😉  

Good viewing!
Ciao! | Ariann photographer

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