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Commercial Photographer of the Year with the PPOC

Pubblished 5 July 2023

It’s been a few months already and I still can’t believe it. I received the coveted Commercial Photographer of the Year award with PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) at a gala held in April 2023 in Canmore, Alberta. (I’m finally an ”award-winning photographer” it sounds so good haha). In fact, I had already won this award twice for Quebec. This time I was trying out for all of Canada and I knew the competition was a lot tougher. Read more

Model Portfolio for Nicolas

Pubblished 5 June 2023

create a modeling portfolio with a professional photographerNicolas came to see us in the studio to create a portfolio to start a career as a professional model.

There are several ways to create a modeling portfolio. It all depends on your goal and what excites you (runway, advertising, editorials, etc.). Agencies also often have unique requirements. A trick is to validate their needswith them (it’s available on their website) ????, which often consists of basic images that allow them to see what you look like. Then, you can also build a portfolio with one or more professional photographers to show them your skills, your versatility and your style (or just have fun and see how you like it). That’s what we did here with Nicolas and it allowed us to be very creative! And I had a blast welcoming him to the studio! Read more

An eyewear add campaign

Pubblished 9 December 2020

campagne publicitaire pour la lunetterie optiboutiqHere’s an advestising campaign for the Quebec Luxe brand Optiboutiq made by La boite which look so good.

This add campaign puts forward similar tones matching each model to make the accent completely on the eyewear. And it’s eye candy.
So here is one of my favortie projets of 2019 (because I love fashion so much!).

Bon visionnement!

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Two weeks in the Canadian Rockies

Pubblished 22 September 2017

peyto-lakeFor those who know my background, it is not the first time I had the chance to spend some good time in the Canadian Rockies; aka Banff/Jasper & all.

For the others, a simply reminder that my boyfriend and I were working in Alberta for two years after school. We used to live in Fort McMurray (850km from Jasper) and I also spent a couple months in Calgary. So there are some places, such as Lake Louise, that we have been like 5 times in summer, spring & winter (we even skated on the lake). So we decided not to return, so as a lot of others places around Banff that are worth it too. 

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Glamour photography session

Pubblished 10 September 2017

photographie-de-coupleIt has been a moment since I wanted to start offering glamour photography services. Glamour is all about chic, sensual, Hollywoodian. We all have it in ourselves. Well, it’s not always there, but once in a while, it’s always nice to feel like a star or a magazine model.

I needed someone to be my models. Why not ask my boyfriend? Hum, I won’t hide that he does not really like to be photograph. Have you often seen him in picture? Hum, not really actually. He is a little bit shy… or simple does not like the camera (I’m sure he is like your bf too). When I mentionned my project, he said yes. He even accepted to do nice hair for (like for the second time in his life). He played his role pretty well. Where I am getting with that is, if my boyfriend is able to get that result, I’m sure you can as well. 😉 It was even harder for us as we had the camera on a tripod and we were taking the photographs with the remote (I will talk about selfportrait in a future blog post).  Read more

Pretty in pink

Pubblished 19 March 2017

pretty-in-pink-by-ariannHere is a beautiful session with a hint of fahion I did with the gorgeous Marie-Ève. She is a photographer as well here in St-Georges de Beauce. It was a fun moment between photographers (because we are not competitors, we are colleagues!) 🙂 I had this idea in mind for a long time. To see life in pink… as well as many other colors. I have been told a lot lately that my photographs are more dark and edgy, but I think it mostly depends on the type of session and what clients are looking for. So, even if it does not show too much, I do like colors! (If I think a little more, we can see that I love colors by the so many hair color changes I had in the last year 😛 haha). You shall then see a lot of colors coming!

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Glamour portrait with Alexandra

Pubblished 26 February 2017

portrait-mode-alexandraOur last photography session together was like five years ago. I was only starting doing photography at that time. We had to renew the experience. 😉 It’s always nice to see known faces in front of my camera. Here’s the result of this portrait glamour session with the gorgeous Alexandra. 

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Beauty with Leonie

Pubblished 16 February 2017

beaute-editorial-avec-leo Here’s is another fun project I worked on recently with the gorgeous Leonie. It was her first photography experience and she really rocked this beauty session. This photography type isn’t the easiest as we mostly wok with the face expressions. She really did an amazing job in the two opposite looks that we did : doll & amazone. She did it like a pro.

I’m sure you will love the result!

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Beauty with Andreanne

Pubblished 4 February 2017

fashion-photography-my-favorite-pictureHere is the result of two beauty photography sessions with the outstanding Andreanne. We did the lastest session not long ago. As I had never published the first session on the blog, I then decided to combine the two.

This has to be said; Andreanne is such a gorgeous woman. Furthermore, she is always ready to get into my crazy photography plans. So then we had fun with many various looks. 

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Raw fashion portrait

Pubblished 30 December 2016

raw-portraitI wanted this portrait photography session to be raw, natural. Nothing too complicated. Just having a simple moment with my muse Annie-Jane. There was just one thing; it was freaking cold! It was so windy and cold, just before the snow came. Nevertheless, it was a hit. I really enjoy the result. Hope you think the same 😉 

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