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Commercial Photographer of the Year with the PPOC

Publié le 5 July 2023

It’s been a few months already and I still can’t believe it. I received the coveted Commercial Photographer of the Year award with PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) at a gala held in April 2023 in Canmore, Alberta. (I’m finally an ”award-winning photographer” it sounds so good haha). In fact, I had already won this award twice for Quebec. This time I was trying out for all of Canada and I knew the competition was a lot tougher.

I didn’t believe in winning in all honesty, even though for the first time, I believed in my chances. The competition is fierce. Judges are very fussy about details. I have participated in this contest and others for several years. I’ve always said it was one of the best ways to improve greatly. During the announcement, I felt surprised, humbled, but also very honored to have been present to receive the award. And wow the outpouring of love I received at the ceremony was amazing. I was completely over the moon.

The Commercial Photographer of the Year award asks to stand out with 4 extremely high quality submitted images, in 3 or 4 commercial categories, e.g. Editorial, Fashion, Product (in my case). The last image can be in the category of our choice, as was my case, in Conceptual illustration. This is the first time that I have won such an award. When I tell you I still can’t believe it, I was competing against 7 renowned commercial photographers from across Canada. All this in addition to winning the Editorial category for the 1st time as well, a jury prize as well as 2 images in the permanent collection which represents the 40 best images of the 2023.

A huge thank you to my exceptional mentor competition Louise Gingras which always allows me to surpass myself, to my lover, family, friends and client to embark on my projects. 

Next step : the world 😉 


Find a superb interview which I had the honor to do with the photographer Manpreet, thank you again!

And a wonderful meeting with the journalist Léa from my local newspaper here. Thanks for always being there guys xxx


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