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Portrait photography

For a personal portrait photoshoot (see below for business shoots), I favor what is often called “lifestyle photography,” meaning that I photograph people as they interact naturally and authentically within their environment. I am not the kind of photographer that has everyone look at the camera or that favors a more staged style. I work with the “unpose,” i.e. natural movement. I am here to guide you so that the best of yourself shines.

A portrait shoot is a photoshoot with a family, a couple, a group or an individual. The location of the shoot is agreed upon in advance. For photoshoots with a large group, I can shoot the whole group at once and/or divide it in smaller subgroups, according to your wishes.

I always get very good results with my clients, even with those who may not initially feel comfortable or at ease in front of the camera. Often, when shooting with families that have very young children, the shoot can get slightly difficult at times. Things always come out well nonetheless and none of your photos will contain any tears or crying, unless you them to. And yes, all babies cry during photoshoots (without exception, so you can put the blame on me!) Leave your worries behind and live in the moment, no matter what happens: therein lies the secret for the best pictures!

The adventure photoshoot was specifically designed for nature lovers and outdoor fanatics. In addition, we take the time necessary to do it and do it well. The shoot includes a preliminary meeting to plan our adventure and a three-hour shoot including all the best pictures (roughly 50). The adventure photoshoot is the ideal option for those who want to go on a long trip or simply want to have a lot of time and take a lot of pictures.

A boudoir photoshoot is an intimate shoot in a location you will have previously selected. There are many types of boudoir photoshoots and everything will be done in the way you are the most comfortable with. There are a number of clothing options to choose from according to your preferences (wool sweater, lingerie, partial nudity). Do not hesitate to discuss this with me when scheduling and planning the shoot. For boudoir shoots with women, I will be alone with you in the room in order to protect your privacy. For boudoir shoots with men or mixed-gender couples, I may bring in an assistant to help if needed.

For a portrait shoot, I usually suggest choosing a location that you love or strongly relate to. It can be inside or outside, at your home, in a field, in a forest, at the sugar shack, at your lakeside cabin, downtown and more. A place that makes you feel something. Feel free to discuss it with me when scheduling and planning the shoot.

A boudoir shoot takes place in your own home or that of a friend, as you prefer. I do have a studio, of course, but it is usually reserved for other type of photoshoots better suited to such an environment. However, it is always available if needed.

I usually suggest wearing clothes that you love and that speak to who you are. You can bring multiple ensembles if you are not sure. It is very common for clients to bring entire bags of clothes! I am here to guide you. You should also dress appropriately for the location where we will be shooting. And yes, if we shoot on a mountain or on the beach, you might get dirty, so you should be ready for that. Most people only wear one ensemble per shoot, because wardrobe changes eat up shooting time.

Once the shoot is scheduled, I will send you a link with examples of ensembles, no matter if the shoot is individual or for a group.

Some tips: avoid clothes with flashy patterns (especially if you are with a group) and shirts with picture or logos, which are very common on children’s apparel. I usually suggest choosing two main colors that pair well together and wearing only neutral colours otherwise. Multiple layers of clothes are often a plus as well.

As I often say, “Look like yourself!” If you never put on make-up, then I suggest to not put any on for the shoot or only a little bit. Do not go for the firetruck red lipstick unless you know what you are getting into! If you love make-up, then go for it! Same goes for your hair.

Women often like to call upon a hairdresser and a make-up artist for boudoir shoots. Do not hesitate to ask me for references if needed.

You do not need to worry about this at all. This is what I am here for. Most of my clients have never done a real photoshoot before. So, whether or not you are nervous, I am really used to guiding people into totally natural poses. In fact, there is no “posing” per se; I simply have you do things that put you at ease. The less you look at the camera, the happier I am!

Let yourself go. The type of photography I specialize in is very emotional, very authentic. For me to get good pictures, you must not restrain yourself. Break loose, share honest moments with me and let nature work its magic.

Leave your troubles behind and enjoy your morning or your afternoon doing a relaxing activity. This way, you’ll make the most of the moment.

Leave everything but yourself at home (or in the car). Bringing bags tends to prevent people from acting on the spur of the moment.

You may not know this but, in my opinion, cloudy weather gives me much better lighting to work with! Under no circumstances do I cancel a shoot if it is cloudy. And if you want to have your pictures taken under the rain (as a couple, for example), I will be the happiest woman in the world – the result is so beautiful! However, I will understand if you are not interested. When I schedule a shoot, I often schedule for another date as well, in case of rain. I then take the decision to cancel or not depending on the weather.

Postproduction on portrait pictures is entirely natural-looking. Retouching mostly deals with the color and tone of the picture. That is where my personal style really comes into play. Beyond this, I simply remove or downplay distracting elements (or elements which should not be visible or even there at all): pimples, bags under eyes, stretch marks (for boudoir shoots) or creases in your clothes. Of course, choosing what needs to be retouched is my prerogative.

Wedding photography

My primary concern is that your wedding pictures be representative of who you are. How I proceed therefore varies wildly from one couple to another. I am here to guide you, be it to establish your list of photographic priorities, to help with the scheduling or simply to immortalize these wonderful moments.

At weddings, I am very discreet. I only have one goal: to capture the best moments in a photojournalistic way, i.e. as they happen, without intruding. I am however there when needed: to figure out the details, to position people in group photos or to guide the lucky couple during their private shoot. I shoot a couple at a wedding exactly how I do in a regular shoot, meaning that I use natural posing. I capture you at your very best during authentic moments.

Absolutely. You will find pictures of recent weddings I covered on my blog. They will allow you to see all the moments that make up a wedding photoshoot, from the preliminary planning to the minute details, from the ceremony to the reception.

Pretty simply, in fact. We begin by meeting to discuss the wedding. This free meeting will allow you to see how I work and to express your expectations for the wedding photoshoot. The meeting can take place at my studio, at your house (depending on the distance) or on Skype. Indeed, I have clients from all over, so I cannot always meet them in person. We then choose the best option according to your budget and your priority.

If you decide to hire me for your big day, I ask for a non-reimbursable deposit of 50% in order to reserve the date and start the artistic process. Engaged couples usually schedule six months to two years in advance, so I hope I will be available for your wedding.

You’ll find the different wedding collections I offer here.

Postproduction on wedding pictures is entirely natural-looking. Retouching mostly deals with the color and tone of the picture. That is where my personal style really comes into play. Beyond this, I simply remove distracting elements like pimples and bags under eyes in close-up shots. Sometimes, depending on the case, I can remove dust or creases in a dress if I feel it is needed.

In other words, I do not transform your physique or that of your guests. I have a very journalistic style of photography, which means that I do retouch the pictures extensively. I do not remove an element, change someone’s appearance or any similar modification. This kind of involved modifications can be bought separately. Do not hesitate to discuss it with me further in our initial meeting.

Fashion, glamour and artistic photography

The glamour photoshoot is accessible to everyone. Glamour is chic, sensual and Hollywood-like. The goal? To see yourself in a completely new way, like a star. I created this type of shoot because I am fashion lover and I wanted my portrait clients – including couples and even families – to be able to experience a glamourous moment, to feel like a movie star or a model in a magazine. Without using Photoshop abusively, of course!

The shoot happens at my studio or another location of your choice. I will be there to guide through the whole thing: make-up, hair, clothes and poses. Do not worry, I am really used to work with clients for whom this is their first photoshoot.

Postproduction includes fashion-style retouching, without altering the subject.

A fashion or beauty shoot really allows my creativity to soar. I will discuss the concept of the shoot with you beforehand to establish the requirements of the project. I often create a Moodboard or Pinterest board to gather our ideas. How a fashion or beauty shoot goes depends a lot on the concept.

I recommend calling on the services of a make-up artist, hairdresser and/or stylist willing to collaborate with us on the project.

An artistic shoot is a very thrilling kind of shoot where we can really get creative. I will discuss the concept of the shoot with you beforehand to establish requirements of the project. I often create a Moodboard or Pinterest board to kickstart our creativity. Once again, how an artistic shoot goes depends a lot on the concept.

I usually suggest calling on the services of a make-up artist and a hairdresser to collaborate with us on the project and elevate it. The postproduction I do for this kind of shoot is either advanced portrait retouching or fashion retouching, according to the needs of the project. Photomontages can also be created for certain projects

Commercial and corporative photography

The business portrait shoot, casting shoot or headshot can happen in any location you choose. One important thing to figure out in advance is what look you are going for. I therefore make sure that this look suits your business. Pictures can be taken in my studio, outside, in your office, in your home, etc. This kind of shoot is often short, depending on your needs. If we shoot in my studio, you will be able to see and select your pictures less then 15 minutes after shooting is complete. I then retouch the selected pictures and give them back to you in less than a week.

I do many types of commercial photography. While my portfolio is mostly made of portrait shots, I’ve also taken photographs of an extensive variety of objects: bolts, recipes, make-up products, buildings, pictures of offices, miscellaneous equipment and tools (machinery, sugar shack, IT material), bicycles and other objects found in our daily lives.

Commercial photography can help you gather all the pictures you need for your websites, flyers, press releases, internal memos, ads, invoices, online stores and many others.

What is involved in a commercial shoot varies greatly from one client to another. Since this is a specialized service, I adapt to the needs of each client. If you want to discuss your specific case, do not hesitate to contact me!

After the photoshoot

What happens varies slightly depending on the type of shoots:


After such a shoot, I select the 12 best shots. If you liked what you saw in my portfolio, the selected shots will be similar, no problem. 3 to 4 weeks after the shoot, I will either give you a thumb drive or I will send you a link to download your pictures online. Afterward, you will be able to order prints of your pictures.


These shoots let you choose the shots you want to keep. Therefore, I will send you a private link to an online gallery 2 to 3 days after the shoot. 3 to 4 weeks after you selected your favorite shots from the gallery, I will either give you a thumb drive or I will send you a link to download your pictures online. Afterward, you will be able to order prints of your pictures.


What happens after these shoots varies greatly from one client to another and depends on the exact nature of each project. I will be able to give you more precise details during the shoot. Generally speaking, I send you a private link to an online gallery and you select the shots you want to keep. The length of the postproduction process will be determined beforehand depending on how much work is needed.

I am passionate about printing! Why do a photoshoot if you cannot see the result? That is why I prioritize prints and why it is important to me that these prints be of high-quality. Professional-grade printing really makes a difference: both the colors and the paper will be perfect and will resist the ravages of time.

I offer many high-quality prints: prints on archive-quality paper (which does not degrade with age), framed prints, signature albums, hardcover albums, magazine prints on canvas (with a textured frame, like a painting), folios, boxes and others. You can see all about it on my printing page.

It’s simple – you only have to ask! I can also guide you in choosing the best possible size and arrangement for your amazing pictures.

General information

This question may seem strange, but I have heard it SO MANY TIMES. My name is Ariane (that is how I spell it in my day-to-day life, but Ariann and Arianne are fine too). I come from Jonquière, in the Saguenay region of Quebec. I have also lived in Quebec City, Montreal (where I studied photography at Collège Marsan), Fort McMurray (AB), Calgary and I now live in Saint-Georges de Beauce (QC). Yes, I’ve moved around a lot – I guess that is where my taste for travel and adventure comes from!

Who am I? A simple gal (I think). I love nature, mountains (I adore them) and the saxophone (which I’ve been playing since I was a 12-year old cadet). I am also the mother of Tobias, the most beautiful baby boy in all the world. Ah, also, my hair is very colorful, so don’t be surprised when you see me! The exact color depends on my mood – I’ve had them red, orange, blue and purple.

I mainly do portrait photography because of the connection I have with people. I am specialized in fashion photography and commercial photography.

  • Business portraits
  • Casting / headshot portraits
  • Fashion photography
  • Beauty shots
  • Portfolio shots (for modeling agencies)
  • Editorial photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Commercial photography (portraits, objects, food, etc.)
  • Corporate photography
  • Fantasy photography

In addition, I do a number of different portrait photoshoots (all in a natural style) including, but not limited to:

  • Couple portraits (engagement, wedding, boudoir)
  • Graduation portraits
  • Boudoir portraits
  • Glamour portraits
  • Adventure photography (in a forest, on a mountain, etc.)
  • Family and baby portraits

Do not hesitate to discuss your project with me!

YES! And I love it! I use 35 mm film, actual polaroïds, Instax Mini (the affordable solution,) and peel-apart film. I can add a film component to any personal or commercial shoot. You must ask for it in advance, however, because developing times are much longer than for digital photography.

Yes… and no! This is a tricky question to answer. Yes, in the sense that the picture quality will be the same. I always shoot in ways that guarantee the best results possible. Consequently, the resulting pictures will be in the same style as those in my portfolio or in a style we will have discussed beforehand.

No, in the sense that that the concept won’t be the same. People won’t be acting the same way, the location will be different, and so will the lighting. It is impossible to do the same thing twice. Take for example a sunny wedding and a cloudy one. Even if I applied the same colorization process (or filter) to both cases, the results would differ greatly. Light is a crucial element that varies enormously from one shoot to the next.

Commercial/corporate photography works the same way. In commercial photography, the idea is to sell the company that hires you. Each project is therefore studied and conceptualized to best represent the business. The results consequently vary wildly from one client to the next. This is perfect because it means that the resulting pictures will support the company’s brand and image.

To schedule a photoshoot, simply contact me through my contact page. You can also reach me by e-mail at or by phone at 418 226 6225. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your timeslot and begin the creative process.

How long in advance you should schedule a professional photoshoot depends on the type of photoshoot and on the time of the year. I always recommend scheduling at least a few weeks in advance for commercial and portrait shoots and months to years in advance for wedding shoots. I could be available for a shoot scheduled less than a week later, but I cannot guarantee I will.

I love to travel and discovers unfamiliar places. Though I live in Saint-Georges de Beauce, I regularly drive all around Quebec and Canada for portrait, commercial and wedding photoshoots. I also often have pre-determined dates available for shoots in Quebec City and Montreal. So, wherever you may be, do not hesitate to ask me to travel. Especially if it is to shoot pictures in the location of your dreams! Of course, my travel costs are an extra charge.

This is a decision that belongs to you. Most people do accept that I share their pictures online. This way, others can see my work through the results of previous photoshoots. During the shoot, I will give you a form allowing me to release the resulting pictures online. You are free to sign this form or not. Therefore, it is possible to keep your pictures private. Such request is common when doing boudoir shoots, for example.

As I am a professional photographer, I must apply taxes on all my goods and services (without exceptions). Taxes are NOT included in the prices listed on this website. You will however receive a detailed invoice including taxes after the shoot.

I accept electronic transfers through Interac (most commonly used), cheques and cash.

If the photoshoot was commercial or corporate in nature, there is no problem. However, the results of personal photoshoots – for portraits or weddings, for example – can under no circumstances be used for commercial purposes. If needed, I can produce a quote for the rights to use personal pictures for commercial purposes.

Each picture comes with its own usage license, the content of which you will be informed of when signing the contract before shooting begins.

YES! And I love sharing my knowledge! I offer photography training on various subjects: the basics, lighting, Photoshop- and Lightroom-based postproduction, file management, boudoir session, couples, etc. Training can be given to an individual or to small groups. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, I can offer training adapted to your needs.

Check out the online shop (French only) to see what workshop is coming up!