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Cuckoo ! It’s me Ariann. I know what you’re saying, one more newsletter, I already have too many. Don’t worry, mine is seasonal (or less) 😉

I will not flood your email inboxes, for the sole reason that… I HATE newsletters! So, we agree on that, there will be no abuse. And what’s more, you can always unsubscribe if it no longer suits what you’re looking for.

What’s in the newsletter?

  • Thematic days
  • The promotions
  • Training for photographers
  • The unique possibility of registering before everyone else for all of the above (just for that, I would register) 😉

In short, everything that’s coming that you want to be the first to know about

Exactly, I have a little something special coming for photographers. Make sure it gets into your inbox before anyone else. The number of places will be VERY limited, I’ll say no more.



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