Ariann photographe
fashion shoot for designer brand

Be stylish, unique, without compare. Do things your way and let everyone know!

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Fashion photography and editorial photography exist to sell a lifestyle and a story. Whether you want to highlight an article of clothing, advertise a fashion accessory, put a glamourous visage on your business or simply offer yourself a treat, this type of shoot – in which I’m specialized – will fulfill your every need.

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Fashion photography always delivers quality results. All details are taken into account to achieve the most aesthetically-pleasing pictures possible. Consequently, it’s important to work with a professional team of make-up artists, hairstylists, stylists and more. Every single detail – location and accessories included – are essential to the success of a fashion shoot.

Magazine editorial by ariann Victorian portrait

Whether your fashion shoot is intended for personal or professional use (such has building a portfolio to send to modeling agencies), I promise you will have an extraordinary modeling experience like no other. I will make you look your best while I take you out of your comfort zone. And don’t worry if you have never been shot like a model before – most people I work with have never been either. Giving you your first experience as a model is part of the fun!

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Ariann photographe