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The beauty of a woman

Publié le 19 December 2016

seance-de-photographie-a-la-ruche-blancheHi guys! During my vacation in November (my summer vacations lol), I travelled to Montreal to relax, see friends and of course, to take some pictures 😉 I’ve already done a photography session with the gorgeous Marie-Lise while I used to live in Montreal,a  couple years ago. As I was there for a week, it was the perfect timing the renew the experience. 

I must say that she is such a beautiful woman and it was a pleasure to work again with her. Hope you can appreciate her talent as well!

Model : Marie-Lise Therrien

Photographer & Makeup : Ariann

Studio : La Ruche Blanche


And here we had some fun with makeup 😉beauty-shot

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