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Marie-Pier + Jimmy intimate wedding

Publié le 14 December 2017

Mariage intime de Marie-Pier et Jimmy à St-Georges de BeauceI will not hide at all that this wedding is quite the kind I love. They both love nature, photography and simplicity (hey hey, I know someone else here that loves that too) 😉  They were looking for a moody look and that is what Mother Nature has given us. Indeed, the weather was not really on our side, but this doesn’t matter! Rainy wedding = happy wedding, right? Plus, for my part, I love the look it gives on my photographs! 

Marie-Pier ans Jimmy tied the knot on this Sunday of Septembre with their close family members. A gorgeous wedding at home, in St-Geroges de Beauce (an hour from Quebec City), in complete privacy. You will see genuine emotions, authentic moments and also a bit of goose bumps (yes, it was a little bit cols, but we survived). 😉  

Good viewing!
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