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Tobias’s first anniversary

Publié le 8 July 2019

Séance bébé un an

It’s a smash the cake styled session to celebrate baby Tobias’s first birthday (yes it’s been a long time, he’s already 18 months old). We did it in a more modern decor, a little Boho (bohemian) with the stylist of the Bébé bohème (Natacha).  We changed the cake to cupcakes, why not? It makes a little less mess, right? 😉 There is always the possibility to concoct a baby’s birthday with a little punch.

Tobias was still shy, it tooks a while to start eating sweets, poor sweetheart. Besides, it always seems that when we go to see a photographer, our baby doesn’t act like usual. Well, it was the same with me (except that his mom is a photographer). Wow, baby’s life is not easy. Try to find the smiles on the pictures… We have half one on a picture. 😉 It’s usually such a smiling baby. So I understand the parents who are telling me this now!

So if you have a birthday (baby shower or something) feel free to ask Natacha from Bébé bohème, it’s so pretty!

Flowers : Fleuriste création Bouquelle
Cakes & Cookies : Janique Brazeau Complètement cake
Decoration : Le Bébé Bohème
Stylism: Natacha Dupont
Black sweater : Liv et Léa
Photography : Ariann Photographe


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