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A couple photography session at 2650 m

Publié le 7 September 2017

Séance portrait dans les montagnesI had a dream that I would expect to be realized. I wanted to photograph a couple on the top of the mountains in the Canadian Rockies. And it happened! I met Tamey & Matt in Valemount, British Columbia, while I was on vacation. Yes, I know, we are not suppose to work on vacation. But when the opportunity comes along, you don’t turn your back. And as I’m not really often in the Rockies, I better enjoy it! (Anyway, when you love the mountains so bad as I do, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Besides, I always say that I would love to live in the mountains. It is so serene, it cannot be explained).

Everything started with an helicopter ride to get to the session location, the top of Mount Terry Fox; 2650 meters high (not bad for a ride!). I was excited like a kid (ok no, even more)! I love so much to do helicopter, it’s a moment of freedom. Through the mountains, it’s the ultimate trip!

Everything was perfect, and not only because of the breathtaking view. Everything was there: the view, the weather, but also the genuine moment and complicity of the two lovers Tamey and Matt (and let’s not mention the gorgeous dress!). I will not say more, I let you enjoy the photographs of the two lovebirds. 

PS : we also took a few moments to take pictures of my boyfriend and I. I’ll show you some of these on a next blog article 😉

Helitour – Robson Heli Magic


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