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Model Portfolio for Nicolas

Publié le 5 June 2023

create a modeling portfolio with a professional photographerNicolas came to see us in the studio to create a portfolio to start a career as a professional model.

There are several ways to create a modeling portfolio. It all depends on your goal and what excites you (runway, advertising, editorials, etc.). Agencies also often have unique requirements. A trick is to validate their needswith them (it’s available on their website) ????, which often consists of basic images that allow them to see what you look like. Then, you can also build a portfolio with one or more professional photographers to show them your skills, your versatility and your style (or just have fun and see how you like it). That’s what we did here with Nicolas and it allowed us to be very creative! And I had a blast welcoming him to the studio!

Do you think he looks like a young version of Mads Mikkelsen in some pictures? ????  
model ; Nicolas Caraglio
makeup; Centre d’Esthétique Sylvie Samson
hair; Marie-Ève at Boutique Iboou

photo d'un homme pour un portfolio de mannequin

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