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Pretty in pink

Publié le 19 March 2017

pretty-in-pink-by-ariannHere is a beautiful session with a hint of fahion I did with the gorgeous Marie-Ève. She is a photographer as well here in St-Georges de Beauce. It was a fun moment between photographers (because we are not competitors, we are colleagues!) 🙂 I had this idea in mind for a long time. To see life in pink… as well as many other colors. I have been told a lot lately that my photographs are more dark and edgy, but I think it mostly depends on the type of session and what clients are looking for. So, even if it does not show too much, I do like colors! (If I think a little more, we can see that I love colors by the so many hair color changes I had in the last year 😛 haha). You shall then see a lot of colors coming!

People often told me: I’m not a model, I’m not photogenic, I’m this or that, I don’t like this or that about me… and so on. When people see my photographs, they think I work with people used to the camera, when it’s rarely the case. I mostly never work with model. I do work with people like you and I. You know, regular people. Most of them it is their first experience in front of the camera. And this is what I like about my work. It is to get the best of everyone that makes me love photography. I’m thrill to have that kind of result and see how people react when then see them on photo. I’m here to guide you, to help you be natural, to help you pose in a natural way (or not 😉 ), to get you outside of your comfort zone. All that to be sure you enjoy the result. So I’m really hoping to see you in front of my camera one day! 

Althought, I’m actually working on a glamour promotion, with the same kind of pictures like Marie-Ève ones, because we can be #allglamour 😉 Stay tunned! I won’t say more for now. 😉


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