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Gabrielle and David

Publié le 7 October 2019

lifestyle couple photoshootThe story behind Gabrielle and David’s couple photography session is that we are neighbours, but we did not know before the session. Well yes! I had offered to Gabrielle to take the photos in a field not far from where I live, in the beautiful sector of Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande near Saint-Georges (in Beauce, for outsiders). I thought it would be beautiful at the end of the day with their dogs. So, I go there by foot, with my child’s wagon to drag my heavy photo bag (it must be said that with the baby belly, I no longer drag my bags directly. I make sure they roll haha). Well, it turns out that they moved a few weeks ago three houses from mine. I thought I could get them out of Saint-Georges 😉 When you say the world is small!

And as I said in my last article (if you haven’t seen the too beautiful photos of Cathou and Jason, it’s here ) one of the best moments to do our photo shoot is in the evening. But more importantly, the subjects (our two lovers here). And yes, those people who agree to have their picture taken, to show all their love and vulnerability in front of the camera (but also who accept that I share these sweet moments with the whole world – ok in the Beauce area maybe for now). 😉 Besides, what better way than to immortalize our love by also bringing our puppies? The best of both worlds.

I leave you with the images of these much too adorable lovers (dogs also anyway) 😉





 séance de couple

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