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It’s me, Ariann!


Some memories are hard to explain through words. I prefer preserving these moments forever. My pictures are made in your image – I’m inspired by you. I love capturing the essence of a person. I love being accessible and authentic and I want the pictures I create to reflect that.

I take photographs of people; in a variety of ways. I do portrait, wedding, fashion and commercial photography, including couple shoots, fitness shoots, boudoir shoots, and more. I often say that I have a dual personality as a photographer: I am sometimes more glamour, other times more natural. I leave it up to you to discover both sides! I am curious which one you’ll prefer.

… people, natural beauty, in its purest state. I love seeing genuine emotions, real love. I love stopping time with my shots and making people feel exceptional. I capture your inspiration.

… an emotion in a single glance, no matter what I’m shooting. I make sure this tiny moment – this spark – happens with everyone.
My only wish is that my artistic sense, my personal approach, or my pictures will impress you and give you the desire to preserve your most precious moments through photographs

… or rather, I adore what I do! There are no words strong enough to describe working as a photographer. To be a photographer is to turn earnest encounters into friendships, to spend afternoons with one’s eyes glued to a computer screen, to share ideas over thrice-refilled coffee and to stay awake for nights on end imagining THE perfect image. I am a dreamer indeed.

… and it shows. I am a people person. Most of all, I believe that the foundation of portrait photography is the establishment of a sincere relationship between the photographer and their subjects. Indeed, professional photography is more than simply taking someone’s picture.

But, enough babbling on my part. I can’t wait to meet you!

Latest blog posts

Engagement Session in the Mountains – Isabelle + Keven

14 January 2020

 I discovered the Malbaie region and its wonderful mountains when I returned from the Canadian Rockies. I couldn’t believe we had such breathtaking landscapes in Quebec. It seems to me that we don’t talk about it enough! In particular, the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park and the Acropolis of Draveurs. If you do not know this jewel […]

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Gabrielle and David

7 October 2019

The story behind Gabrielle and David’s couple photography session is that we are neighbours, but we did not know before the session. Well yes! I had offered to Gabrielle to take the photos in a field not far from where I live, in the beautiful sector of Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande near Saint-Georges (in Beauce, for outsiders). I […]

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Lifestyle couple session

8 September 2019

This maternity session was just perfect! Anne-Catherine and Jason wanted a session in their image to immortalize this important moment for the couple and it is mission accomplished. It was such a natural and relaxing moment that is simply my favorite. Really the kind of lifestyle photography session that makes me fall; all natural, very […]

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