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Martine + Jasmin Elopement

Publié le 3 October 2016

les-amoureux-qui-dansentAhhhh! Seriously, I must confess that I find it difficult to put into words what happens during a wedding day. The images speak 1,000 times better themselves! Here! I’ll try, but I do not promise anything (anyway the images are also there) 😉 ! On this hot July day, I spent my day between Verchères and Contrecoeur, in the south shore of Montreal, to take photographs of these beautiful moments with these two lovers, Martine and Jasmin. A wedding in simplicity and love, period! 

There is one thing they love both above all: hiking. They are both in love with nature (and crazy in love with each other too, of course). It was necessary that their marriage was las they were. You will therefore see a lot of wood; decoration, homes, places visited, guests gift (wood coasters,  I really love) and of course, the huge weeping willow, which was a must in order to make our wedding photographs. A really exciting day full of love.

You know, I think I’ve already mentioned it, but it costs nothing to say it again. What  really thrills me during these events is all the emotions that one can live there. The relationship I have with the couple and also with the guests. I discover amazing people, memorable moments and I remain always marked. This makes my day and I always feel very blessed to photograph these moments. I often tell people around me that I feel so lucky to work with the clients (not, friends!) that I have, that are fun, understanding and “cool” (because yes it is important to a wedding day, to live the moment!). Honestly, it is said that we attracts the kind of person we are and I totally believe it! Okay, enough chatted, I let you enjoy these beautiful moments!

If you would also like me to capture these moments for you, feel free to contact me. I love traveling to photograph your finest moments! I travel throughout Quebec and Canada, so I can go wherever your wedding will be held. I will be happy to photograph your dream day! Ciao!

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