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Portrait session – Laura at the carnaval

Publié le 28 May 2016

 portrait-de-LauraThis is the dazzling Laura during our excursion in the world of the carnaval not long ago.

We did this beautiful portrait photography session right at the opening of Beauce Carnaval in St-Georges de Beauce. This is typical from this region as this rides tour if from this town. The color, the atmosphere… I wanted a colorful and fun session, as the young Laura is. 

We thought: we should get there right at the opening so we will make sure to have some intimacy to do our portraits (and not too much peolple glancing at us) so we will be more comfortable for our photography session. It didn’t happens exactly as planned. As there where just a few people, we still had all the glances of the the showmen and people around. Ahah it was still funny!  

Really, her smile was inspiring! Theses lights and bookeh! I really like it! 😀 To be honnest, it was the first time that I did go to Beauce Carnaval (I know… but I’ve never been when I was a kid) and I found this photographic experience awesome. I hope you will like it as well! 🙂

Photographer : Ariann
Model : Laura
Assistant : her sister Ann-Marie
Location: Beauce Carnaval in St-Georges de Beauce

jeune-fille-a-beauce-carnavalportrait-de-laura-en-beauceportrait-de-LauraLaura-a-beauce-carnavalles-lumières-de-beauce-carnavalseance-de-photographie-professionelleséance-coloréee-à-beauce-carnavalportrait-beauce carnavalportrait-dans-un-carnaval-en-beauceportrait-par-ariann-photographephotographe-deportrait-st-georges-de-beauceportrait beauce carnaval-008session-de-photographie-avec-la-belle-lauraportrait-les-cheveux-dans-le-ventséance-de-photo-devant-l-église

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