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Samuel + Gabrielle Prom

Publié le 25 July 2017

bal-de-finissant-st-georges-de-beauceProm’s night! It is such an important moment for some. It’s the end of high school, the transition to another step of life, a moment of big decisions sometimes unanswered (what I’m going to do for living? Believe me when I say I know exactly the feeling, I have been throught this and I dit not find the answer till I was 25) 😉 But for some, it is the moment of the “big party”. A lot of girls (and probably boys) think about this moment for all their high school years. It is still a good moment where everyone is well dress. Often one of the rare occasion (exception of weddings of course). It is then the perfect occasion to capture these great moments in images. Even more when they are two georgeous lovers like these. 😀

Here is Samuel and Gabrielle prom’s photography session. 


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