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Session in the mountains

Publié le 11 November 2015

Ariann photographe à St-Georges de BeauceNot that long ago, I spent a beautiful day in the most stunning and breathtaking landscape of Alberta; the rocky mountains. Maybe you already know how much I love being in the mountains (if you didn’t yet, now you know 😉 ). It’s indescribable the feeling of freedom and happiness that you can feel there. There is no word to describe it. So, when I had to do a beautiful couple session in Canmore, I was over the moon. This photography session was not ordinary; we had to hike and climb a lot. We were exhausted at the end of it, but the result is worth it.

I’ve met Marie-Pier a little while ago in Quebec. She now lives in Calgary with her husband Thomas. They just tied the knot last August in Canmore as well. To get the bests angles for the photos, we explored and climbed some nice locations. We went around Grassi Lakes (where he asked) and Quarry Lake. I’m sure Marie-Pier and Thomas enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

I wish my time in the mountains was never ending. Now, let’s just enjoy all these pretty pictures!

Love the result? Want to live an awesome photographic experience? You can now book your session (couple, family, fitness, boudoir, wedding, commercial, fashion, etc.) in St-Georges de Beauce and all over Quebec/Canada. We’ll create your own souvenirs together. Contact me at or 418-226-6225

Couple devant un lakecute couplemarie-pier et thomasPhotographie d'amoureuxdeux amoureuxUn couple sur le haut de la montagnedétails couplephotographe de portraitphotographe professionnel à St-Georgesphotographe professionnel à st-georges de beaucecouple dans la forêtun baiser avec un prismecouple à canmoreMarie-Pier et Thomas à canmorephotographie de couple photographe de couplephotographe en beaucekiss in front of the mountains Le baiser parfaitMarie-Pier et Thomas en Albertaphotographe de QuébecCouple devant les montagnesséance de photographiecouple parfait par ariann photographe détails de la baguephoto par ariann photographephotographe de couple en beauceamoureux qui s'embrassentLes deux amoureuxamoureux à canmore par ariannphotographie d'un couple par ariann photographedécor majesteuxcouples dans les rocheusesphotographie en noir et blanccouple super cuteMarie-Pier et Thomas qui s'embrassentMarie-Pier et Thomas, nouveaux mariés

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