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Lady Black

Publié le 19 November 2015 dans blog

portrait mode par ariann photographeNot that long ago, my team and I did this amazing photography session in the studio of NAIT (in Edmonton), where my friend and intern Tasy is studying photography as well. We had a blast! It was really fun, creative and fun (I already said this one I know) 😉 That was really exciting to be in a big studio (I mean super extra large studio) for once. Miss C, the model, which is also stylist for Chem lab: clothing, brought tons and tons of clothing and accessories. That was fun just to look at all the amazing things that she has (and hoping it could be in my closet). This creative team was awesome. Go check all their work if you have the opportunity. Their links are in the credits.

The team was really proud of this fashion editorial published in Surreal Beauty Magazine. One our photo actually made the cover 🙂

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