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When I became a mom

Publié le 26 February 2019

maternity First, let me tell you that this blog is very different from the others I usually post. It talks about me, about him, about us. I hesitated a lot before publishing it. It is quite personal. Not because I like to show pictures of me and my family. No, it’s actually the opposite. I am not the one who shares photographs about my private life. No, it’s rather because what I discovered in the last year and that I had to share; motherhood. I found it so beautiful that I wanted to show you.

All moms live their motherhood differently. But when does one just become a mother? This moment seems different, variable, undecided. Some say birth is the culminating moment. But if I do not feel a “mom” at this time, even if I have this fragile little one in my hands? Because, for me, it took me a moment of adaptation. The nine months of pregnancy did not prepare me for it.

It’s true that we do not really know what we’re getting into, but it’s worth the effort. You know, the difficulties of the beginning, the adaptation, the breastfeeding and everything, it is so quickly forgotten when we see them grow and that we love them more and more from day to day. Because my love for him keeps growing.

But all these are just words. All that I have so much trouble putting into words. Because it’s much easier to talk in pictures for me. So here are my favorite photos of the last year; my golden moments.

I love you Tobias.

PS: And to all moms and dads, “Cheers” because you do that like pros!
PSS: I hope you also keep these memories (on your walls, preferably, but otherwise on your cell / computer) because it’s worth a million pennies!

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